The typeface is inspired in Cordoba’s architectural diversity, the customs, the music and the people that live in the city.
As Córdoba is in the middle of Argentina, it is nourished by the social and cultural background provided from its own inhabitants and the in passing people.
Despite there’s merge of different styles and sizes, Cordoba font still remains classic and modern at the same time.
Cuarteto and “La Mona Gimenez” are two of the main characteristics Córdoba has. The “Choripan” (also called as “El Chori”) is also well known around here.
The hills are not far from the city, the mountains, the river and the field are just right for outdoor activities and the enjoyment of natural life.
Some other important attractions are The Jesuit Square, “El Buen Pastor”, Güemes’ Neighborhood, the museums, a football match in the Kempes Stadium or the International Rally.
There’s also a prolific nightlife, foodtrucks in Sarmiento’s park, nightclubs in Nueva Cordoba’s Neighborhood or eating in a fine restaurant in Cerro’s Neighborhood are part of the must do activities.

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